08 May 2013

ICT upgrade makes sense with essensys

Customers using our serviced offices in Letchworth will be able to access faster, more secure internet as we roll out new telecoms provided by essensys.

Customers using our serviced offices will be able to access faster, more secure internet as we roll out a new IT package from next month.

We have appointed essensys to install new infrastructure at 10 of our business centres by the end of this year. Essensys is the leading supplier of IT and telecommunications to shared workspaces.

Our Pixmore Centre in Letchworth will be the first site to be upgraded to the new business facilities.

Service office customers will benefit from the latest IT for business, including new telephone handsets and wireless internet with up to 100 MB capability. Elements of the service, for example call forwarding, can be controlled through an online login system.  And customers will have the flexibility to change or add to their services at any time, simply by speaking with their business centre manager.

The new ICT system will also have fully-managed support, which our customers can access directly.

Innovative technology

Our business centre managers will use a specially designed interface called JEFF, to quickly and easily manage customer requirements.  JEFF can be accessed remotely and out-of-hours if necessary.

“This is a very sophisticated ICT setup which will give customers what they want, when they want it,” Managing Director of essensys, Michael Guest, says.

Gareth Evans, Managing Director of Bizspace, said: “Moving forward with essensys is a major development for Bizspace as we strive to offer innovative ICT services and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

“essensys’ leading technology is radically different to any other shared workspace ICT provision, positioning Bizspace as an industry trailblazer, and providing our clients with unique and exceptional products and services on a simple and flexible basis.”

Phased upgrades

Work will begin to upgrade cabling in a few weeks’ time.  Existing customers will receive new telephone handsets and will notice a faster internet connection.

Our serviced offices are supplied furnished with telephone and broadband facilities and are all inclusive of utility costs and business rate charges.  Customers simply pay one monthly invoice.