28 February 2018

Manchester charity supports bereaved women

The Widows Empowerment Trust is a registered charity that was born out of empathy and compassion for widows by Mrs Oyovwe Kigho in January 2017. The overall function is to provide support and relief to women that are bereaved, who may feel socially excluded. As a new customer at our Newton Heath site, we are delighted to welcome such an amazing organisation and be part of its journey.

Oyovwe Kigho, founder of the Widows Empowerment Trust

The year-old charity was created by Oyovwe to tackle isolation and loneliness facing widows in Manchester and across Greater Manchester. “We run a variety of services to tackle social isolation facing widows such as:

  • befriending/home visits
  • delivering workshops
  • meals out/ day trips
  • pampering sessions (spa)
  • celebrating key dates such as Valentine day, Mother’s Day, Easter day and Christmas day
  • sign posting to relevant support agencies

The charity’s greatest achievement is putting a smile back on a woman’s face “An example would be one of our clients who lost her husband whilst expecting a baby and who also had two children aged 7 and 9 years old. She had a difficult birth, leaving her unconscious after her baby was born prematurely. The Widows Empowerment Trust helped look after her new born baby, even sleeping in the hospital, while the mother recovered. Even after she was discharged we supported her each day with cleaning the house and looking after her three children, taking that added weight off her shoulders. To this day we still support her with our befriending / home visit and pampering sessions.”

To help support fund their goal of helping women restore hope in their lives, they host fundraising events every Saturday from one store to another.

“We are also in partnership with Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University with volunteering opportunities. We get support from key businesses such as Asda, Tesco, Morrison's, and Sainsbury's. We are also recruiting and looking for volunteers to support us with fundraising. “ 

As a new customer, we asked why they choose to set up with us. “We chose BizSpace because of their passion for the community and their heart of humanity to charitable organisations.”

We look forward to continuing to help and be part of the charities fundraising and their aim to help others. To learn more about the charity and learn how to volunteer you can visit their website.


Grace Coleman

D2 Interactive