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28 October 2020

New Face at BizSpace: Nick Snow Design

We’ve got a new face at BizSpace!

Nick Snow is an Interior Designer and Stylist, and his business combines the wealth of experience and knowledge Nick has in his field – from designing residential and commercial spaces to styling for well-known magazines, and from styling top broadcasting makeover shows to teaching Interior Styling online for the University of Arts London. Nick Snow Design joined BizSpace Fareham in August 2020.

Before starting on this career path, Nick worked in a bank, daydreaming about a different way of life. “I remember constantly staring out of the window thinking there must be more out there, a way I could use my creative skills,” said Nick. 

“The phrase ‘the day I awoke and started dreaming’ is inspiring and really resonates with me because I remember it so clearly – that day that I decided to take the leap.”

After years of giving his all to train in the profession he aspired to, Nick graduated university with a First Class Honours and found success in his early career, being named ‘Up and Coming Interior Designer’ by Livingetc magazine. This propelled his career further: “I just grabbed every opportunity I could to live and breathe design. I am so thankful for every opportunity but it wasn’t easy... It's extremely competitive, but working with amazing brands and on TV shows makes everything worth it.”

Throughout his career, Nick has worked alongside TV personalities such as Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, Amanda Lamb and Sarah Beeny on popular makeover shows. “I love that each year there is a new challenge and different project.” 

One challenge Nick faced this year has been negative though, and is the same one that so many other businesses are facing. Following the pandemic lockdown, Nick felt claustrophobic at home. Having always worked from a studio on his property, he felt now is the time to get outside of the same four walls. Also looking for opportunities to grow his business, he decided that a new workspace was the next step for Nick Snow Design.

“I looked at different office spaces and some rentals wanted a 5-year lease but I didn’t know at what speed my business would grow. What with the pandemic, I just didn’t know what was around the corner. But BizSpace was so appealing and as soon as I viewed the office space I knew it was right.”

Having been a self-declared workaholic while first establishing his business, Nick admits neglecting himself at the same time. However, since the lockdown was lifted, he now recognises the importance in having a routine and, most importantly, a healthy work-life balance. “I don’t think the working from home movement is a healthy one. It gets lonely and you don’t ever feel like you can fully relax if your office is at home. I could not be happier with my decision to move to BizSpace. Another positive was that I was allowed to bring my puppy, Poppy, into my office which is a HUGE bonus to working here!”

Now, when planning for his business’s future, Nick wants to continue with the same momentum he’s achieved so far. “I am very thankful that so far, my business has grown bigger and bigger every year, so the plans are to just keep going!” He plans to move to a larger office within his BizSpace centre in Fareham, with the end-goal being to hire more employees and grow his brand. 

With Nick’s prior success in business and his keen outlook on the future, as well as his new business digs and BizSpace’s on-site team there for support, we expect to see more great things from Nick Snow Design. You can check out the company’s work on their website and Instagram, and enquire directly for their services. 

Welcome to BizSpace, Nick Snow Design!


Jen Latimer