07 March 2014

Say thank you this Employee Appreciation Day

Today is Employee Appreciation Day – the perfect occasion to take a moment to thank your staff and boost morale.

Today is Employee Appreciation Day – the perfect occasion to take a moment to thank your staff for all their hard work.

Sometimes when you’re busy with the day-to-day running of a company, it is easy to forget to show your appreciation. But knowing that you are valued by your employer is vital for staff morale.

Of course, you don’t need Employee Appreciation Day to tell those who work for you just how great they are. In fact, the best bosses will regularly give positive feedback and rewards to keep motivation high and boost staff wellbeing.

Here are some great ways you can show your team how much you value them:

1. Give praise

People sometimes fall into the trap of only pointing out things that need changing or improving. But praise is vital in the workplace and a key part of people’s skill development. Make a conscious effort to point out things your employees have done well. Make sure you tell them their strengths and identify areas they have excelled in. Giving compliments and positive feedback will make you feel good and help you create somewhere people enjoy working.

2. Say please and thank you

This sounds ridiculously simple but in a busy working day, these basic niceties often get forgotten. By being polite and always making sure people are thanked for their efforts and contributions, you ensure they feel valued rather than taken for granted.

3. Make small talk

Show a genuine interest in what your staff do outside of work. What are their children’s names? Do they have any interests and hobbies? What did they do at the weekend? By making conversation with staff and showing them you are interested in them as people, you will build a close-knit team. Use your judgment though and only ask questions on topics the individual seems comfortable discussing.

4. Be flexible

Trying to accommodate the needs of your staff is a great way of showing them they are appreciated. This could be anything from flexible working patterns, such as sometimes allowing them to work from home, to being flexible about when they take their holiday. If someone works hard for you, let them leave early when it’s their child’s nativity play or give them an extra day off if they’re moving house. Simple acts can make a big difference in how happy people feel about going to work and in turn can boost staff productivity.

5. Give a bonus

If you can afford it, then giving staff some sort of bonus at the end of the year is a great way of saying thank you. This could be money or gift vouchers or even a small gift like a bottle of wine. Whatever you give, include a message thanking them for all their hard work.

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