04 February 2015

Simple survey success for Gateshead customer

Our customer People Gauge, based at Team Valley Business in Gateshead centre talks about her company's growth from a home office three years ago.

Our Team Valley Business Centre customer, People Gauge, has plenty to celebrate at the moment, with an impressive new contract secured and an expansion of its key services.

Maggie Pavlou, owner and founder of People Gauge has secured a two-year deal with a major international airport following on from work the company has been doing with them over the previous two years. People Gauge provides surveys for businesses and schools that want to get a truthful understanding of just how actively engaged people are with them – whether that’s employees, customers or parents.

From home to office

After three years, the company’s success is growing. Maggie moved the company from her home to an office a year ago, after homeworking for two years, and hasn’t looked back since. She says,

It’s lovely to have a proper base to work from, it’s great for client meetings, plus I now have my kitchen table back!”

Team Valley’s Business Centre Manager, Stacey Normandale, helped Maggie take the big step of moving her fledgling company out of home into a suitable workspace. Maggie explains:

Stacey was fabulous when I popped in to see her and she made everything so easy. The location is great for me and the office space is affordable.

“I love my office, it is small but lovely – a perfect work environment to take my business to the next level.”

Stacey adds: “It is a real pleasure to help entrepreneurs such as Maggie move into their first professional workspace. Not only does it provide companies with the space they need to separate work and home life, but they also have an opportunity to benefit from the great community atmosphere we have here at Team Valley.”

Simple surveys are the key to success

Maggie PavlouPeople Gauge use online surveys based on the fundamental principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model.

Maggie says: “Our online surveys are incredibly easy-to-use. They consist of 16 set statements and take less than nine minutes to complete. We provide the survey feedback to companies within 24 hours.

“It’s really important that the survey is simple to do as it helps capture people’s true feelings about how motivated, involved and connected they feel to a certain business.

“Imagine the difference it would make to your business to have an accurate picture of how satisfied your staff and customers are.

“The survey results speak for themselves and have helped organisations adapt to communicate better with their audiences, whether that’s staff, customers or parents.”

Expansion of service offering

Since it was established in 2011 the firm has gone from strength to strength.

Maggie explains: “We are now working with global organisations and our survey is published in several different languages, increasing accessibility which is fantastic.

 “Also, we have expanded our range to meet customer demand adapting People Gauge from assessing staff satisfaction, to helping head teachers discover more about pupil and parent engagement. As a result, we now offer Student Gauge and Parent Gauge.”

Workspace for entrepreneurs

Team Valley Business Centre is perfect for budding entrepreneurs in the Gateshead area looking to make the important move from home into a professional workspace.

With excellent transport links and the opportunity to network with other firms, Team Valley hosts a range of offices, workshops and industrial units, plus free car parking facilities and secure 24 hour access to the building.

To find out more contact Business Centre Manager, Stacey Normandale on 0191 300 9491.