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10 September 2018

Tavant choose BizSpace as their UK home

Now we have opened the doors to our brand-new Solihull Zenith House, it’s time to meet one of our customers. Introducing Satheesh Neelam, Regional Director at Tavant, an IT solutions and services provider located across the world in USA, Japan, India and now BizSpace Solihull. We caught up with Satheesh to learn more about the company, its plans for their future and why they chose Solihull as their UK location.

Hi Satheesh! Tell us a little more about you, what did you do before you started at Tavant?

I was a senior IT consulting and management professional with 20+ years of experience having worked with some of the largest corporations.

Tell us about Tavant.

Though our headquarters is in the USA along with other locations around the world, Tavant is pretty much a start up in UK, due to a focus on growing its business foot print across UK and Europe. We started up in the USA in February of 2000 as a product based and specialized IT solutions and services provider that employs cutting-edge and emerging technologies to provide game-changing results for our customers. In addition to our corporate headquarters located at 3965 Freedom Circle, Suite 750, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA, we operate in Australia, Japan, India and now in the UK based at BizSpace Solihull site.

We see ourselves as one of the most innovative digital solutions companies in the U.S. focusing on development of digital applications and portals for customers in the Consumer Lending, Warranty & Manufacturing, eBusiness, and Media & Entertainment verticals, leveraging emerging technologies, such as machine learning, data science, and advanced analytics.

What makes Tavant stand out from its competitors

I would say that the fact we have differentiated impactful product services in consumer lending space in the US and Warranty Management / Aftermarkets across the world. 

What’s the company’s biggest achievement?

We have around five achievements that stand out to me- we built industry leading consumer lending platform for mortgage lenders in the US all the top lenders use Tavant’s lending platforms and products.

We also build an omni-channel warranty management product on Salesforce for manufacturing clients across world and well regarded for its tangible results.

We also received awards for Dataquest ‘Best IT Employer’ for 6 years in a row, awarded 3 times as The Housing Economy’s ‘Most innovative technology companies’ along with Business Week’s ‘World’s Top 25 Unsung Innovative Company’.
What challenges have you faced so far?

There are three main challenges that we have faced as a company over the years:

  • The time to scale up in the local market
  • Finding right talent
  • Ease of bringing the global talent for shorter term consulting and development work

What motivates you?

My biggest motivation is helping my customer- I am able to solve complex issues through digital technology solutions.

What are your aims for the future of the business?

Build strong local domain expertise and extend our innovative products and services to UK & Europe market.

What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start their own business?

 Though I don’t own a business I give the following advise based on my years of experience and education at Cambridge as Executive MBA. I believe there are 3 things you want to keep as your top priorities if you are starting your own business.
1. Customer value – Always ensure customer value is the most important outcome you should look for in your idea / business / start-up.
2. Focus – You should ensure you give 200% percent to your idea and business.
3. Team – Build a team that believes in the idea and start up and has best talent and commitment in the market.

So lastly, why BizSpace Solihull?

When we considered setting up our business in and around Birmingham instead of busy and expensive London, I went around and saw many office spaces in Birmingham city centre and out skirts of the city and Solihull. None of them engaged us as much as BizSpace did or showed me an understanding of our business being a start up in the UK.  Also, Solihull came out top in terms of right connectivity to London and other major cities in the country. BizSpace’s new office in Solihull offered us the best facilities, compared to other workspace providers in the area. It was perfect combination of everything for our business and me personally.

To learn more about how you can become neighbours with Satheesh and the team at Tavant, please contact us today.