Customer Profiles


Meet Andrew & Neil, Directors at Alternative Route Leasing | BizFaces

We met with Andrew Garaway and Neil Carlton, Directors at Alternative Route Leasing to tell us about their successes and challenges.

04 Feb 20

Meet Greg, CEO of Illuminet Solutions | BizFaces

We met with Greg Wood, CEO at Illuminet Solutions to tell us more about the business, what drove them to start it and their successes and challenges along the way.

11 Dec 19

Biz Faces: Brett Neal

We sat down with BizSpace customer, Brett Neal, to hear his story. In his own words, this is what Brett told us.

02 Aug 19

Tavant choose BizSpace as their UK home

Meet Tavant, an American IT solutions and services provider, who are based at our brand-new Solihull Zenith House.

10 Sep 18