Co-working? Join our tribe

Fed up of sitting at your desk with no-one to talk to other than your reflection in the mirror? If so, you will definitely want to read on and find out more about our co-working spaces which champion a sense of community. No more will you have to sit in front of your screen at a loose end, suffering from a lack of motivation and inspiration.

We get it, you probably ventured into self-employment to benefit from the freedom of working hours that suit you – as well as no longer having to fake a smile whenever your really annoying supervisor passes by. Yep, we know the one! However, that also means missing out on water cooler gossip and bouncing ideas off other like-minded people.

What if we told you that you didn’t have to take the rough with the smooth? You can have your cake and eat it too, with your very own coworking space!

Productivity and Coworking Spaces

It’s a business cliché, isn’t it, but people buy people. Spending time with other people makes you more productive, makes your business more profitable, and is just a hell of a lot more fun than typing away in your shed or spare room. Small wonder, then, that there’s been such an explosion in the number of homeworkers and self-employed people looking for hot-desking and coworking space.

Have you ever tried brainstorming an idea on your own? It’s pretty lonely and usually not productive in the slightest. Sure, you can write your ideas down and evolve them as you go along, but nothing beats having a different perspective on the matter. A single conversation has the ability to grow into a blossoming relationship and fruitful business partnership. These are the doors that a co-working space can potentially open.

Want to find like-minded people to work alongside? Want to share all the benefits of being in a big office environment, while dodging all the downsides? You’ve come to the right place.

Join our tribe now

Our Co-working Village in Glasgow is fully equipped with everything you and your business could need. It provides you with a range of options from; dedicated desks you can rent on a monthly basis, to full pay-as-you-go, drop in services.

Become a part of the tribal family and reap all the benefits of a buzzing BizSpace community. Get a desk next to your potential new business partner and join us in the best networking events of the town, that will help you grow your business and meet like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.