Meeting Rooms

60 minutes to change the world (or just host that regional sales conference). We’ve got a huge range of meeting, seminar and event spaces for hire across the UK: so whether you need a quiet place to run job interviews; you’ve got a big presentation to a new client; or you want to train your whole salesforce, there’s a BizSpace to rent that fits the bill. Find the best BizSpace for you. 

Directions, specs and parking

Most of our locations have car parking available and are also easily accessible by public transport.

On-site catering and other extras

Need breakfast brainstorm fuel? Or just gasping for a cuppa? Many locations have cafés and catering services on-site. And our friendly teams will do whatever they can to accommodate any other requirements you might have for your event - all the way from a flipchart and a fresh pot of tea to seating arrangements, special access, or extra screens and projectors.

#Bizhacks - Meeting guides

It may seem obvious what to do, but we know there’s a real art to making business meetings as productive as possible. So we’ve created some #BizHacks; our tips on how to make the best out of your meetings. Look out for our brightly coloured cards in your meeting venue.

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