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Investing in our spaces is top of our to-do list, which is why we’re thrilled to reveal our newly revamped, fully kitted out meeting rooms. With a lick of paint, new tech, some extra comfortable chairs and all the tea and coffee your heart desires, we’ve got everyone's meeting room needs covered. Not only that, but we've also just introduced a brand new online booking system.

Our range of meeting, seminar and event spaces for hire across the UK is huge. So whether you need a quiet place to run job interviews, you’ve got a big presentation to a new client, or you want to train your whole salesforce, there’s a BizSpace to rent that fits the bill. 

Directions, Specs and Parking

Most of our locations have car parking available and are also easily accessible by public transport. If you are holding a meeting with attendees from across the country – perhaps even the world – you should ensure that your meeting room is easily accessible. Not only that, but it’s just good manners to take everyone into consideration. By making your meeting easy to attend, everyone will be in a much better frame of mind, meaning they will have their productive hats on!

The Necessities

What do you need in your meeting room? Audio-visual equipment, a seat for everyone and, of course, reliable WiFi should all be at the top of your checklist when booking a meeting room and, with BizSpace, you are in luck.

Many of our meeting rooms for hire come equipped with essentials such as whiteboards, projectors, stationery and free WiFi for our guests. There is nothing worse than turning up to an important meeting, only to realise that you have no way to show off that fantastic PowerPoint presentation you spent all night preparing!

On-site Catering and other extras

We get it, you need a little extra something first thing in the morning to give you that get up and go. If you refuse to be spoken to before the caffeine hits your system, we’ve got your back with meeting rooms that come equipped with on-site cafes and catering services. If you need an extra shot of caffeine or a little more sugar, we won’t tell anyone!

Also, in case you have to leave the house without so much as a bite of breakfast, again we have got you covered. Many of our locations do offer breakfast, giving you the fuel you need to smash that all-important meeting out of the park. Breakfast may very well be the most important meal of the day, but lunch isn’t too far behind and, yes, again this is something that we offer at many of our meeting rooms. With BizSpace, you can start your day off with a hearty breakfast, a cup of coffee, indulge in snacks and help yourself to lunchtime sandwiches to power you through your meeting.

Our friendly team will do whatever they can to accommodate any other requirements you might have for your event. From providing a flipchart and making a fresh pot of tea to organising seating arrangements, special access, or extra screens and projectors, no task is too small.

#Bizhacks - Meeting guides

It may seem obvious what to do, but we know there’s a real art to making business meetings as productive as possible. So we’ve created some #BizHacks; our tips on how to make the best out of your meetings. Look out for our brightly coloured cards in your meeting venue.