Press Release

08 July 2019

BizSpace brings coworking to Solihull and Gloucester


BizSpace, the UK’s largest provider of flexible workspace, is set to launch a co-working offer at its business centres in Solihull and Gloucester this month.

Following the popularity of co-working at its sites in Glasgow and Basingstoke, BizSpace is creating similar zones at Zenith House, Solihull, and Corinium House, Gloucester.

Catering to the UK’s growing army of freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers, the co-working spaces will provide a base for individuals and small teams to work in a collaborative and vibrant environment, with flexible, good-value terms.
Emma Long, commercial director of BizSpace, said: “There’s a huge buzz around the concept of co-working but too often it’s seen as something that’s only open to people working in major cities. More and more people up and down the country are choosing to work for themselves, enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss but still wanting the buzz and feeling of community they get from a workplace. We see huge potential for co-working spaces in locations outside of city centres, where our customers can walk to work and enjoy a high-quality, design-focused environment filled with like-minded people.”

According to the ONS, the number of self-employed workers increased from 3.3 million in 2001 to 4.8 million in 2017, with self-employed people now accounting for around 15% of the working population. In particular, the number of self-employed workers aged 16 to 24 has nearly doubled in the last 17 years.