09 January 2014

What type of entrepreneur are you?

There are many types of entrepreneur, from the questioner to the world changer. What type do you have the most in common with?

If you’re running your own company, chances are you have more than a little entrepreneurial spirit. But what type of businessperson do you have the most in common with?

The Questioner

You do your homework before making any big decisions and you like to know your facts, spending a lot of your time researching your market and looking for answers to your questions. The only trouble is the more answers you find, the longer your list becomes and it can mean it sometimes takes you a long time to take action.

Famous example: Richard Branson, Virgin

The Practical Action Man (or Woman)

You like to do things with your hands and if there is a problem you are always looking for ways to fix it. This can lead to you being quite innovative as you are always wanting to create something that fills a gap or makes the world better. Once you get an idea, you don’t sit around thinking for too long – you go for it.

Famous example: Lord Alan Sugar, Amstrad and star of The Apprentice

The Step-by-Step Thinker

You like to be organised and follow a system or procedure. You have a linear way of thinking and a detailed business plan, broken down into different steps which must be achieved before you reach your goals. You measure staff performance and reward them for continuous improvement. Your company has a methodology which everyone sticks to.

Famous example: Henry Ford, Ford motor cars

The Serial Entrepreneur

You enjoy the thrill of starting up a business and getting it up and running. Once it is successful, you are happy to take a back seat and get started on turning your next big idea into a reality. Often these may be similar, related businesses but you are not afraid of branching out into something completely new.

Famous example: Marcia Kilgore – founder of Bliss, Soap and Glory and FitFlops

5.The World Changer

Your business is your dream and you are committed to following it through. You are a visionary and see your business as your calling and your life’s work rather than simply a way of making some money. You want to achieve real success with your big idea and change the world and you won’t be satisfied with mediocrity. You are very unlikely to sell your business to a competitor or jump ship if things start to look bleak.

Famous example: Steve Jobs, Apple

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