Why consider a virtual office?

Great, affordable office space is invaluable for most businesses, but for some companies it makes sense to go virtual.

Virtual offices allow businesses to maintain a professional image without the cost of having a physical office address. Freelancers and start-up businesses may well choose a virtual office because they work from home, but do not want to give out their personal address and phone number.

They are also a useful option for existing businesses which are looking to expand in new locations. Virtual offices allow companies to quickly open a branch in an area without the time and cost of finding the perfect office space. 

At Bizspace, our virtual offices include a dedicated business address which can be used as your registered address at Companies House. But virtual offices are about far more than just a postal address.

Professional image

Our staff will also handle your mail and answer your phone calls, which will make sure your company always gives a professional impression to customers and will stop you worrying about missing a call from a client. It means your business will carry on running smoothly while you are out and about, without the risk of cold callers intruding on your personal life.

And if you do need to meet clients face-to-face in a professional environment, our meeting rooms are available to hire.

Virtual offices are also a potential option for businesses which need to cut costs to survive the current tough economic climate. For some companies, there is the possibility of using remote workers, so instead of having all their staff come together in an office, they could use a network of employees working from home, co-working spaces or elsewhere.

Lowering costs

The main advantage of this approach is to lower overheads, although it may also appeal to staff as it allows for more flexible working and cuts out daily commutes. It also allows you to recruit staff based on their skills and experience, rather than their location.

More and more companies are starting to realise staff don’t necessarily need to be based in the same workplace. A CBI survey showed that in 2011 59% of employers were offering teleworking, up 13% from 2006.

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