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22 June 2017

Fur real – it’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Barking mad about dogs? Crazy about canines? Some of our customers get to share their workspace with their four legged friends every day.

If you’re barking mad about dogs, crazy about canines or potty about pooches, you’ll be delighted to know that Friday 23 June is Bring Your Dog to Work Day.  But did you know that some BizSpace customers get to share their workspace with four legged friends every day?

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is an annual event organised by HOWND, that raises money for dog-friendly charities while introducing canines to the workplace.

Taking place on June 23, dog owners nationwide will be asked to bring their pets to their place of work, all in the name of good causes. This year the beneficiaries are dog rescue charity All Dogs Matter, a charity that rehomes hundreds of dogs every year in London and Norfolk and Animals Asia, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, cats and bears in China and Vietnam.

Working like a dog

Having dogs in the workplace is undoubtedly a novelty, and while it could be seen as a distraction, some sources say it can even boost team morale and productivity. 

But for some BizSpace customers, having dogs in the workplace is a daily occurrence. We have a number of business centres that offer ‘doggy daycare’, including our sites in Nottingham, Bolton, Chorley and throughout the North East. Other customers offer dog grooming and puppy training services. 

Manager of our Roden House Business Centre in Nottingham, Jamie Douglas, said a great deal of interest was sparked when doggy daycare provider Natural Edge first moved in.

“It’s certainly been a topic of discussion for many people.  I personally try and promote my customers’ businesses to as many people as possible through my connections and networking. There is a lot of interest and a growing number of people have approached me, inquisitive about one of our newest customers.”

In good company

Natural Edge is the brainchild of Mags Lowish, dog lover with a degree in animal science.

She says: “We are providing a pack environment for dogs. They will get mental and physical interaction and exercise while their owners are at work or out.

“We are working to stamp out the loneliness that dogs feel when left alone at home.”

Mags came up with the idea when her own dog developed depression when she switched to a job where she couldn’t take her to work with her.

It is a massive problem as people are spending long hours at work. You can get a dog walker but that is usually just for an hour a day.

“It’s not natural for dogs to be left by themselves, they are sociable pack animals. Owners love their dogs and they want them to be happy but there are not a lot of options available.”

Take part

Businesses and individuals can make donations to Bring Your Dog to Work Day.  Check out their website or social media for more information if you’d like to get involved.

Make sure to check with your employer or business centre manager before bringing your pets to work.