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Guide to public limited companies (PLCs)

If you run an established organisation and are thinking about going public, it’s vital to clue yourself up on the nuances of publicly listed businesses. Join us as we explore everything you need to know about public limited companies, including their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, setting one up and your initial public offering (IPO), and ownership.

22 Apr 21

Guide to returning to the office after lockdown

At BizSpace, we’re always here to help. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to returning to the office after lockdown restrictions have eased. Join us as we explore all of the important considerations, including making and communicating the decision to return, COVID-19 risk assessments, implementing new guidelines, and safeguarding mental health.

07 Apr 21

The complete guide to radio advertising

If you’re considering radio advertisements for your company, this guide explains everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Join us as we look at what radio advertising is, the different types, its effectiveness, the costs associated with radio ads, and factors to consider when planning your slots.

25 Mar 21

Hybrid working: the hybrid model as the future of work

As we approach the time when many businesses will return to the office, this post explores the hybrid work model as a potential option for your organisation. Join us as we consider why businesses might want to adopt hybrid working and how to overcome the challenges associated with this style of workforce management.

08 Mar 21

How to enter a foreign market: market-entry strategies

This post looks at the opportunities for entering a country as part of your global expansion journey. Join us as we explore the range of foreign market-entry modes available to you, from exporting to joint ventures and greenfield investment.

01 Mar 21

Office relocation checklist: things to consider when moving offices

This guide will help to get you and your team prepared by providing a handy office relocation checklist. Along the way, we’ll cover everything from engaging your staff in the decision-making process through to risk assessments in the context of COVID-19. Join us as we explore the most important things to consider when moving offices.

08 Feb 21

Our research reveals the cities most likely to adopt a flexible working approach in 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all aspects of daily life, the last nine months have forced many businesses to change and adapt to new ways of working. While some have changed for good and a home working situation will be the norm - at least for the foreseeable future - many others are leaving it to their employees to decide for themselves how and where they would like to work. Here's BizSpace's research that indicates which workers in which cities will be looking for a more flexible working style in 2021.

13 Jan 21

Feast your eyes on our list of Local Businesses-come-Heroes this Christmas

A spotlight on BizSpace customers spreading Christmas cheer This Christmas we decided to shine a grateful spotlight on local heroes, going above and beyond to support others this holiday season. Each of these businesses is, we’re proud to say, a BizSpace customer, and has done a stellar job with spreading Christmas cheer. After the year we’ve had, a little positivity goes a long way. So without further ado, feast your eyes on our list of Local Businesses-come-Heroes for Christmas 2020.

22 Dec 20

How can flexible workspace meet business infrastructure demands?

Emma Long, Managing Director North at BizSpace, recently spoke to Property Week to answer this question. Here’s what she told them: “Corporates are facing significant challenges in managing office footprint in the wake of Covid-19, with new safety measures, worker preferences and an uncertain financial future each creating complicated pressures. Flexible workspace offers a clear solution...

06 Nov 20